Amber jack season in now but not for long

Capt.  Golden with beautiful a Amber jack

Amber jacks are currently  Open,  but will closed on January  27, 2018. With no guarantee  that the season will reopen this year,  book your trip now and catch the beautiful  Amber Jack while you can. 

Rates and Pricing

Regular Seasonal rates

These are cash prices in green, if you would rather use a card, credit cards will be charge a convenience​  fee of trips cost during final payment before departure, and r summarize in red below next to cash prices.

$140.00 an hour, up to 6 passengers


Trolling trips and Shark/Night trips:

 4 hours ~ $560.00 ($17. Credit card fee)

Bottom fishing:

6 hours ~ $840.00  ($25)

8 hours ~ $1,120.00 ($33)

10 hours ~ $1,400.00 ($42)

12 hours  ~ $1,680.00($50)

14 hours ~ $1,960.00 ($59)

16 hours ~ $2,240.00 ($68)

18 hours ~ $2,520.00 ($76)


Longer trips over a Full day are also available for the more adventurous fisherman, call for more details.

(Prices are affordable but competitive)

Book ahead of time to lock in your date and Price. All major credit cards are accepted.

Red Snapper Rates and Pricing

 $150.00 per hour,( for all trips during this season including trolling and skark trips) up to 6 passengers. Cash prices below in green, if you wish to use a credit card a convenience fee will be added to your total payment before your departure. Credit card fees are below in red.

        (Red Snapper is Currently closed)                            

   (6 hour minimum for bottom fishing)

4 hour Trolling ( King Mackerel, Spanish, bonito, etc) and 4 hour Night/Shark trips ~ $600 ($18)

"Red Snapper deep sea fishing"

6 hours ~ $900.00 ($27)

8 hours ~ $1,200.00 ($36)

10 hours ~ $1,500.00 ($45)

12 hours ~ $1,800.00 ($54)

14 hours ~ $2,100.00 ($63)

16 hours ~ $2,400.00  ($72)

18 hours ~ $2,700.00 ($81)

If more then 18 hours, please call for availability and pricing.

Gratuity for the crew

 Our crew works hard for your fishing enjoyment, it is customary to tip the Crew at least 15%- 20% of total cost of trip.

Additional fees if applicable

* We understand some people get sick on the water, if this happens please do this outside of the cabin over the rail of the back deck, there is a "clean up fee" of $200 if someone gets sick inside the cabin. 

If you are concerned you may get sick we recommend taking bonine motion sickness medicine the night before your trip and right before your trip. It is usually found at most stores.

*Our rates include the use of bait, tackle, and rods and reel, that we supply,  however it does not cover the loss of rods and/or reels over board there will be a "replacement equipment fee" of  $200.00 that will be due upon your return at the dock if this should happen.