Types of Fish

Red Snapper

 Depending on the length of your trip you have the opportunity to catch many types of fish. Below is a short list of charter fishing favorites. As well as a few odd types of fish.

Vermillion Snapper

Various sizes of vermilion snapper

White Snapper

Chocolate poggy

Lane Snapper

Black Snapper

Black snapper

Black Grouper

Gag grouper

Red Grouper

A scamp with a lane snapper in its mouth

Strawberry Grouper

Amber Jack

Amber Jack

Rudder jacks with a few Vermillion Snapper

King Mackerel

Nice King Mackerel

Spanish Mackerel



Wahoo and a red snapper




Dolphin ( Mahi-Mahi)

Black fin una

Goggle eye

Goggle eye

Spanish Hog Snapper aka Flag Snapper


Dagger Snapper and a trigger fish

Oyster fish

Jack Cravel


Trigger fish

Black jack

Bull Shark


Tiger Shark

Tiger shark

12-14 ft Tiger shark ( snapshot of customers video)

Mako Shark

Black Tip

Atlantic Shark

You may even get a little show from a few dolphins as you head out.

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