The crew

Keith Golden the 4th "Keithy" is our first mate this charter season 2017, he has been on the water fishing most of his life and has over 15 years experience. He is the nephew of Captain Austin Golden. He is the grandson of Captain Keith Golden.  He has commercial fished with his  grandfather  and uncle since  he was little and has a wide range of fishing knowledge that is impressive for his age.

Keith is mature, knowledgeable, respectable, and friendly. Keith will answer any questions you may have while on board the Golden Legacy, he will also make sure your party is having a fun time, while catching lots of fish. Customers love having him on board and brag on him when they return from there trips. If your first timers or veteran fishermen, You can be sure you are in good hands with him.

The Golden Legacy only wants the best crew for our customers and Keith is one of the best.

Keithy setting lines out

Keithy cutting up bait getting ready for bottom fishing.

Before keith was old enough to go to school his been out on the water.

If for some reason,Keith is not available to be your deck hand, no worries. We do have other experienced crewmen that will fill in for Keith. You will still be in Great hands.


Tiffany Golden and her daughter at Treasure Island Marina ready to book trips.

Tiffany Golden is our manager and also Captain Golden's wife. She handles all the phone calls, emails, texts, bookings, payments, and answers any questions you may have beforeyour trip. 

Tiffany with a nice Amber Jack

Capt Golden and wife Tiffany heading in  after a long night on the water.